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Your MBBS Abroad Compass

Your MBBS Abroad Compass - E-Book by MBBS Pravas

Book Description

Studying MBBS abroad can be the most memorable experience for you if done right and if not then it can also leave you with dreary memories. “Your MBBS Abroad Compass” has come into existence to help Indian students who are leaving their homes to study MBBS abroad. This book will show you the right path and eliminate the wrongs in front of you. It will hold your hand right from the moment you decide to study MBBS abroad until the end of your last year, and even after that.

Price: 1599.00 INR

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Russian For MBBS Abroad

Russian For MBBS Abroad by MBBS Pravas

Book Description

For Indian students venturing to study MBBS in Russia, the foreign language need not be an obstacle. “Russian For MBBS Abroad” is crafted with 30 real-life scenarios, to ensure that your learning experience is not only effective but also relevant. Regardless of your current proficiency level, this book has the potential to refine your Russian-speaking abilities. With a touch of anticipation, it’s worth mentioning that this book includes unique add-ons that set it apart from other language books.

Price: 799.00 INR

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Culinary For MBBS Abroad Students

Culinary For MBBS Abroad Students by MBBS Pravas

Book Description

“Culinary for MBBS Abroad Students” is more than just a cookbook as it is immersed with guidance and valuable tips that a student deserves to know while stepping into his hostel kitchen during his MBBS journey. You might be away from home, but this book will keep you closer to your Indian roots. This book is dedicated to Indian students and their mother’s exclusively. It’s a handy book that has all possible elements to make your MBBS Abroad journey adventurous and happy

Price: 699.00 INR

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How to Buy E-Book From MBBS Pravas

The process of purchasing the E-Book from MBBS Pravas is as seamless as your aspirations to study abroad. You can cherish the read of the book just after finishing the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the MBBS Pravas Website

The very first step is to open your preferred web browser and head to the official MBBS Pravas website. This online platform is your gateway to all your MBBS abroad-related resources and information.

Step 2: Navigate to the E-Books Page

Once you are on the MBBS Pravas website, explore the menu options or search for the “E-Books” section. This is where a collection of essential resources awaits you.

Step 3: Discover E-Book

In the e-books section, you will spot the E-Books you are looking for. There you can read the book description and scroll till the “Contact to Buy Now” option shows up.

Step 4: Click on “Contact to Buy Now”

Right below the description, you’ll find the “Contact to Buy Now” option. A simple click here sets the wheels in motion.

Step 5: Payment Gateway Journey

Once you’ve clicked “Contact to Buy Now” you’ll be directed to MBBS Pravas official WhatsApp, where you can order your book individually or ask any book related query, if any.

Step 6: Fill in Your Details

The next step is to provide the required information such as your name, and email address where you want your E-Book. Make sure all the information filled in by you is correct.

Step 7: Proceed to Purchase

After making the payment, all you’ve to do is wait until you get your book delivered to your email address which you added in the previous form.

Step 8: E-Book Delivered

Within the next 24 hours, your e-book copy will be delivered to your email address.

In just a few clicks, make the e-book your guiding light, and let us illuminate your path to success.

You can email us at books@mbbspravas.com for any inquiries, feedback, or support related to our eBooks and services.


1. What is the E-book “Your MBBS Abroad Compass” all about?

A: “Your MBBS Abroad Compass” is a comprehensive handbook tailored to assist Indian students on the journey of studying MBBS abroad. This book offers valuable insights, advice, and strategies to cross borders despite the obstacles that may come along the way. This book serves as a manual for Indian students studying away from their homes in a foreign land.

Q2: Who is the author of MBBS Pravas e-books?

A: The author of all the Ebooks at MBBS Pravas are MBBS Pravas and Meghna. The team from MBBS Pravas, have put their best in guiding the students beyond mediocre horizons. Just because they couldn’t be with their students in La-La Land, they penned down all their advice, tips, and guidance in their book.

Q4: Is the information in Books up-to-date and relevant?

A: Yes, all the books are updated as of now and will continue to stay up-to-date to provide the latest information and insights relevant to studying MBBS abroad. We take into consideration the dynamic nature of international education and changing regulations.

Q5: Can the “Your MBBS Compass” book be beneficial for parents as well?

A: Absolutely. “Your MBBS Abroad Compass” is designed to offer guidance not only to students but also to parents who are seeking simple, sleek, and precise information and advice about supporting their child’s educational journey abroad.

Q6: How can I purchase “Your MBBS Abroad Compass”?

A: Purchasing the book is a straightforward process. Visit the MBBS Pravas website, navigate to the e-books section, locate “Your MBBS Abroad Compass,” and click on the “Contact to Buy Now” button. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Q7: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: The website’s secure payment gateway accepts a variety of payment methods, including the most convenient, UPI payment.

Q8: Is my personal information secure during the purchase process?

A: Yes, your personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security. The payment gateway employs industry-standard encryption to safeguard your data.

Q9: How will I receive the e-book after purchase?

A: Once your purchase is complete, the e-book will be delivered digitally to the email address you provide during the checkout process. You can then access it on your preferred device.

Q10: Can I share the e-book with others?

A: The e-book is intended for personal use and is protected by copyright. Sharing or distributing the e-book without permission is prohibited.

You can email us at books@mbbspravas.com for any inquiries, feedback, or support related to our e-books and services.


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