St. Petersburg State Medical University was established on 14th September, 1897. Since its inception the University has adopted an exclusive teaching methodology based on the amalgamation of the Western methods of educational teaching and of the best Russian traditional medical education. The University has officially become one of the top mot medical University across the country. St. Petersburg Medical University largely involves itself in improving and developing the Health Care services and towards the progress of medical science in Russia. The University has also been recognized as one of the biggest centres in the world which trains

specialists from exponentially different medical fields. It is the only Medical University which has an attached Polyclinic to it. Medical courses in MD, PhD and Postgraduate degrees are offered by the University to both National and International students alike. Students can easily access textbooks and methodical works from all the departments in the University’s Library itself. Each and every clinical department in the University has its own individual clinic which is usually situated at the leading hospitals in and across the city. The professors and academicians of the respective clinical departments from the University perform clinical work in the Hospitals affiliated with the University and act as consultants.

The University comprises of 3 buildings in total which includes scientific laboratories, clinics, library, hostels and University campus accommodation for students and professors, laptop centres etc. A few teaching departments like Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and Traumatology are located outside the University. These are strategically placed in leading hospitals specialised in the field. All the clinics are well equipped with State-of-the-Art medical instruments to ensure world class education.

Saint Petersburg Medical University Russia
University NamePavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University
LocationSt. Petersburg, Russia
University RecognitionApproved by NMC & WHO
University RankingCountry – 94 / World – 3270
Medium of EducationEnglish
Course Duration5 years + 1 year of internship
Intake for MBBS CourseSeptember – October (Every Year)
Processing Time for MBBS Admission45 – 60 days
Basic EligibilityPassing Mark PCB for General
NEET ExamYes, it is compulsory
Annual Tuition Fees (Approx.)4800 $
Hostel Fee Per Year500 $
1st Semester Syllabus (1st year)Anatomy
2nd Semester Syllabus (1st year)Anatomy & Histology
3rd Semester Syllabus (2nd year)Histology, General Pathology, Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
4th Semester Syllabus (2nd year)Biochemistry, Micro-Biology, and Physiology
5th Semester Syllabus (3rd year)Pathology, Cology, Micro-Biology, and Path physiology
6th Semester Syllabus (3rd year)Genetics and principles of clinical medicine, Pathology, Path physiology, Pharmacology
7th to 12th Semester Syllabus (4th to 6th year)General Surgery Neurology, Primary Care Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, Cardiology
Initial ApplicationJune – July
Receiving a Student’s InvitationAugust
Applying to a Student’s VisaSeptember
Arrival to Russian FederationSeptember
Entrance ExaminationSeptember
Start of EducationOctober
Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University Russia