How to Prepare for NExT Exam From 2nd Year MBBS – 4 Tips

How to Prepare for NExT Exam From 2nd Year

Thanks to the curiosity that got you thinking and questioning How to Prepare for NExT Exam From 2nd Year! As students stay blind towards the exams they are going to face at the end of their MBBS course. And realise it is too late they need to prepare for the NExT exam.

Preparing for the NExT exam from the 2nd year of MBBS is a wise decision as it gives you ample time to build a strong foundation. The NExT exam is a highly competitive and challenging exam that requires dedicated preparation. So let’s begin with the tips and guidance that can aid you in your exam preparation and take you closer to the Dr tag that you’ve always dreamt of.

All About NExT PG Exam

The National Exit Test (NExT) is a medical licencing exam for students to practice medicine in India. It is an important exam for medical graduates that serve as the gateway to postgraduate medical courses.

Both Indian and international MBBS graduates are required to clear this exam to register with the Medical Council of India. Initially, it was believed that the National Medical Commission would conduct the NExT PG exam, but recent official information confirms that it will be conducted by AIIMS Delhi.

This exam is set to be held twice a year, providing candidates with multiple opportunities to appear. Aspiring candidates eagerly await the release of crucial details, such as examination dates and other pertinent information, which will be made available on the official website in due course.

NExT UG Exam full formNational Exit Test
Conducted byAll India Institute of Medical Sciences (Most Likely)
LevelPG level
Aimed forMedical students
PurposeMedical Licensing exam for admission to postgraduate courses
StepsNExT Step 1 and NExT Step 2
NExT PG exam

Advantages of starting early preparation during 2nd year of MBBS

Students looking for how to prepare for NExT exam from 2nd year, already know the exertion and stress they face while completing their day-to-day tasks at their medical college/institution.

So it is always better to start off early rather than hitting on the book in the eleventh hour. Though students who are already in 3rd year of MBBS can refer to the guidance on How to prepare for the NExT exam from 3rd year of MBBS.

Here are some of the advantages you will get over those who are going to start off late.

  • It will allow you sufficient time: Undoubtedly the earlier you will start the earlier you will finish and the more time you will be left with to boost your preparation for NExT exam. It reduces the need for last-minute cramming and allows students to cover the entire syllabus systematically.
  • You’ll face less academic pressure: Preparing for the NExT PG exam alongside regular MBBS coursework is less stressful when started early. It will prevent burnout and allow you to manage your academic commitments effectively.
  • Mastering takes time: With sufficient time for preparation, you can build confidence in tackling exam-related challenges. As the NExT PG exam is going to be a tough nut to crack, your preparation needs to be to the point.

How to Prepare for NExT Exam From 2nd Year – 4 Tips

So, here are some guidance tips from experts that will not only answer your query on How to Prepare for NExT Exam From 2nd Year of MBBS but will also help you secure a good score in the exam thus taking you a step closer to your dream profession as a Doctor.

NExT PG Exam Preparation Tips from 2nd Year

The Earlier The Better

This NExT exam is not going to work if you are a firm believer and follower of the quote “Better be late than never”. Because it is going to take a hell of hard work and continuous learning before you achieve your target. And late riser is obvious to miss the chance if he has not paid attention during his MBBS course either.

So, the first tip is to thank yourself for being an early riser and then gear up your NExT exam preparation just after going through the nature and syllabus of the NExT exam. Find a reliable source where you can get all information about the NExT PG exam and do not forget to go through NExt exam NMC guidelines.

Time is a resource and you must spend it wisely if you invest it now in preparing for the NExT exam then you can turn it into an asset that will pay you back once you will get that “Dr.” title.

Strategy and Schedule is the Key

Strategy and a well-structured schedule are indeed the keys to success when preparing for NExT PG. Having a clear plan in place will help you stay focused, and organized, and effectively utilize your time and resources.

The strategy for NExT exam preparation:

  • Start with your weakest subject. Begin the quest of identifying your strengths and weaknesses and start improving them one by one.
  • Complete the given task in the given time span, because once you started procrastinating, the syllabus will pile up and get out of your control.
  • Do not underestimate the clinical part. As your practical exposure complements theoretical knowledge and enhances your understanding.

How to set the right study schedule for the NExT exam:

  • Develop a comprehensive study plan that covers all the subjects and topics within a suitable timeframe.
  • Distribute your study hours effectively throughout the day.
  • Book a time slot as your revision time.
  • Incorporate regular mock tests and practice papers into your schedule.

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Right Coaching and Resources

Access to the right coaching and updated study material is all you need to have once you have set your goal. Enrolling in the wrong coaching or relying on inefficient study materials and resources can waste a huge amount of time when you are already in your 2nd year of MBBS.

Therefore, it is always recommended for students to double-check before enrolling for coaching or buying studying material for the NExT PG exam.

Make sure the study material you are choosing for NExT exam preparation in 2nd year of MBBS:

  • covers the entire NExT PG syllabus and provides detailed explanations of key concepts.
  • is updated and abides by the NExT PG exam pattern or syllabus.
  • has practice questions related to each topic

Practise Mock Test

The importance of Mock test papers is known to every student who has cleared the NEET exam and now pursuing an MBBS degree either abroad or in India.

Mock tests are beneficial because they mimic the NExT PG exam format, including the number of questions, time limit, and marking scheme. Taking these tests helps students become familiar with the actual exam pattern.

Mock tests simulate the actual exam environment and help you in:

  • identifying your weak areas
  • tracking your progress
  • refining your exam preparation strategy
  • revising the concepts
  • time management

Hope this detailed guidance on How to Prepare for NExT Exam From 2nd Year will prove helpful in making your dreams come true by grabbing the medical licence to practice in India.

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