NExT Exam Rules Set for NMC Review Next Month

NExT Exam Rules Set for NMC Review Next Month

NExT is a unified exam serving as the licentiate exam in India for practicing modern medicine.

NExT is a single exam that performs all aspects of the MBBS final qualifying examination, the licence exam for practising contemporary medicine, the allotment of postgraduate seats based on merit in many broad specialisations, and the screening of foreign medical graduates wishing to work in India.

A government official who asked to remain anonymous stated, “The regulations are in the process of being finalised and will soon be presented before the National Medical Commission.” “This meeting should take place sometime in the next month. In the aforementioned meeting, the test date will also be discussed.

What is NExT Exam?

The National Eligibility Entrance Test for Postgraduate (NEET PG) will be replaced by the NExT, which will be used as a qualifying final-year MBBS test, a licence exam for practising and for entrance to postgraduate courses. In addition, it will take the place of the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) as the screening test for foreign medical graduates who wish to practise in India.

NMC released the draught rules for NExT, which will be held in two steps, in a notice dated December 28. The theory portion of NExT Step 1 will take place in December. NExT Step 2, a three-year-valid practical, clinical, and viva voce exam, will be held in March. According to the planned NExT test guidelines, students have 10 years from the date of their MBBS admission to pass the NEXT exam (Steps 1 and 2). These rules will be known as the “National Medical Commission National Exit Test Regulations, 2022,” claims NMC.

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What is NExt Exam Step 1

Students in their last year of medical school are eligible to take the online exam NExT Step 1, which consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). It will have six papers that cover third- and fourth-year MBBS topics. Before the university practical test for third-year MBBS (Part 2) and before the required internship in the final year of MBBS, it would be a centralised common pan-India examination administered once a year. The traditional university or institutional theoretical exams will be replaced by the NExT Step 1.

In each of the six papers, 50% will be required to pass NExT Step 1. Internships are available to students who pass both the internship exam and the university’s final practical or clinical exam. The NExT Step 1 score will also be utilised for admission to postgraduate (PG) medical programmes. To get a licence to practise, nevertheless, and to be admitted to the PG programme in medicine, students must pass NExT Step 2.

What is NExT Exam Step 2

The NExT Exam Step 2 examination has three parts: the practical, clinical, and oral portions are together known as NExT Step 2. NExT Step 2 focuses on evaluating practical abilities and clinical knowledge in seven clinical subjects or fields, as opposed to NExT Step 1, which is a theoretical exam. The purpose of this portion of the exam is to gauge a candidate’s aptitude for using their clinical expertise and knowledge in actual clinical situations. Both acquiring a medical licence and being admitted to postgraduate (PG) medical programmes need passing NExT Step 2.

You must thoroughly study the subjects from the first year of MBBS in order to pass the NExT exam in addition to the practical, clinical, and theory exams.

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