What After Scoring Less In NEET?

What After Scoring Less In NEET

Less score in NEET is no longer the end of your dreams now. In cut throat competition one is expected to score 580+ to secure a medical seat in Indian Government College. And if one gets less than that, doesn’t mean the student is not deserving or it’s the end of the world but it’s just the time to reconsider and reconcile back with a wise decision after going through the list of career options related to medical field. Here’s a list of plan one must consider which may aid in taking a decision before  planning for one year drop in preparation for NEET exam which is based more on rejection process than selection process.

Plan A if NEET score is low


Ever wondered in lieu of paying the exorbitant fee for grabbing a medical seat in Indian private medical college could be replaced by securing a cost effective seat in top globally renowned universities abroad? So what, if marks kept you waiting, your dream of becoming a doctor shouldn’t wait. The destination would be same just the path will be changed with the minimum requirement: NEET must be qualified with marks just above the minimum cut off. This option servers in taking your journey overseas in the exposure of world class education with the best faculties and MCI recognised universities in just under 18 lakhs.

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MBBS abroad is now the most preferred option by Indian students as it is suitable for every financial group. One can always have better scope and carrier options after MBBS in abroad as they can easily practice in their native country just like any other Indian student completing UG from an Indian government college.

So instead of losing hope one shouldn’t forget, if you fail to achieve something, it means there are better options for you out there.

Plan B if NEET score is Low

Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS)

Bachelor of dental surgery is another UG level course which relays solely on NEET cut off score. One who couldn’t make it to MBBS seat is more likely to secure a seat in dental college. However the cut off is low for dental colleges yet the struggle is equally arduous and competition is still the same.

BDS course duration is 5 years with 1 year internship.

One can also consider options for pursuing BDS abroad which comes with its own set of pros and opportunities.

Plan C if NEET score is low

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

BAMS is an undergraduate program that requires NEET as entrance exam and the allocation of seats is based on counselling process. Duration of this course is five years with one year of internship. BAMS course covers an integrated course on different subjects correlating Ayurveda and modern system of medicine. BAMS graduates can either look for job just after graduation or can pursue higher studies in same field as well.

Ayurveda is one of the evolving field as it is a way to blend the modern medical system with the ancient natural remedies. It is an assuring field in terms of demand as the Ayurveda system is practiced till date due to its least side effects.

Job profiles

  • Ayurveda specialist
  • Ayurveda pharmacist
  • Medical representative

Plan D if NEET score is low

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

BHMS is an undergraduate program, with entrance based on NEET exam. Duration of BHMS course is 5.5 years including an internship.

BHMS studies are based on the claim that “like cures like” it takes into account the treatment in natural ways by observation and amendments.

Number of diploma programmes are available after graduation for those who are looking to give hike to their field or one can settle for a job just after graduation.

It is one of the old ways of treatment which is practiced even today as it focuses on natural ways of self-healing. It is an ideal course for people who are compassionate, empathetic and have listening skills.

Job profile

  • Doctor
  • Therapist
  • Private practice
  • Medical assistant


Long terms NEET is the widely chosen option by most of the aspirants who aims for MBBS, without realising that they’re lose time and zeal in that long run. So, it is important to make a right choice which can serve you in long term without losing yourself.

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