Guide To Select The Best MBBS University Abroad

guide to select the best mbbs university abroad

Once the decision of studying MBBS Abroad has been made, it’s common for a student to feel stuck to hand pick from a long list of universities. And the idea of choosing the right country becomes substantial the moment it is realized that the wrong choice may cost big bucks and a fair amount of student’s time.

So, here is the list of basic criteria to aid you in shortlisting the best/right Universities to step with into your future.

The following criteria need to be considered against which a university is shortlisted:

1. Budget

Well, the first and foremost considered point is the total expense and evaluation of budget for an Indian student planning to study abroad. Once the budget is decided one can choose University with fees as low as 15-18 lakhs to as high as 45-50 lakhs.  It is required to shortlist the university according to their fee structure along with the cost of living to get a clear insight into the affordability of the University.

2. MCI-Approved University

In India, all MBBS colleges either government or private are validated by The Medical Council of India (MCI) which approves the validity of the course undertaken by the student. Similarly, while selecting University abroad, one must ensure that the university is approved by MCI and WHO to meet the quality standards. As nobody wants to earn a degree with no value.

3. Course Tenure

Some countries offer MBBS courses with a tenure of fewer than 6 years which is not approved by MCI. Therefore, it needs to be acknowledged that the university must offer 6 years course similar to that of India for its recognition and validity. Countries like Georgia, Nepal, and the Philippines have some universities with 5 -5.5 years of course duration, which may land you in a state of commotion.

4. Language of Instructions

How would you feel to realize that English alone can’t take you far if you are in a foreign country? Demotivated right? Yes, to avoid this feeling one needs to work a little on browsing through the language of instruction preferred before finalizing a university.  Some universities offer bilingual courses and at other places, it is mandatory to learn the local language of the country to comprehend the syllabus. So, the countries preferring English as the mode of instruction should be prioritized to eliminate fallouts.

5. Distance from International Airport

Coming down to the list of most important list of factors in descending order, one needs to assume the ease of conveyance as well. If the location of the university from the international airport is close it can add an extra degree of comfort while migrating back and forth to the country.

7. Food and Cousins

Food is the most common and important factor responsible for deciding one’s survival rate in a foreign country. Generally, Indian food is provided in every university hostel but the deciding factor shifts to the quality, taste, and variety of food.

8. Accommodation

The place of accommodation whether it is on campus or off campus and the basic amenities provided by the hostels should be also brought into consideration at last once the University has been decided.

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